Thursday, April 30, 2009

This is Florence. She is a just for lauphs doll I designed for a class a few years ago. She is only about 11 inches and is great for your computer desk of beter yet to hold your business card on your desk at work. She has button joints and posable fingers. She prefers slippers to shoes and always wears skin tight pants but as you can see has lots of personalities.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The one in red, the one with white hair and my western one all have painted faces,the one in green has an embroidered face. all have nailpolish on their fingers and toes

this is a little bit better

picture of her

Thursday, April 23, 2009

This is Rhiannon. I just finished her! I will try and get a better picture of her later, I took this with my phone.

I belong to a Masonic organization for Women Called Eastern Star and they have Women of the bible as their heroines. This is my portrait of the Elect lady in 2 John


This is Stewart,

the traveling Salesman

Stewart is a regular Harold Hill,

he will charm you into a new

sewing machine faster than you can say bobbin case


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

This is Oceana.

She is A Sea Witch

proving of course that not

all witches are ugly!

here is a
Close-up of

This is Letisha.
She is made from a Patti Culea pattern.
she is one of my favorite dolls.
she was pictured in
Contemporary Doll Collector
magazine last year.

I have been working on starting a doll ministry. My minister has been challenging us to Do Something in our community and since I am a doll maker and that is my passion, I have been really lead to make dolls for the police dept. Right at the present time I have a sewing where I work, Sew Pro's Sewing and Vacuum, once a week but I have hopes of expanding it to be a real ministry at my church. The dolls we make Get a home in the back of a police cruiser and someday into the arms of a child that could use a little comfort. Whether they are the victims of abuse, fire, or an accident, having a dolly to hug can make the experiance a little less frightening. I have such a heart for this misistry. As a small child my brothers and sisters and I were taken to a childrens shelter for a few days and I can remember how frightening it can be to not really understand what is happening and not really trusting the police officers. This is a way for the officers to reach out to the children.